Man protesting vaccine passports at Tim Hortons compares himself to Rosa Parks


People flocked to Tim Hortons in Oshawa this week to protest Ontario’s new vaccine passport law.

Ontario businesses are now required to apply for their immunization status and at least a few people are not happy with the new rules. There were demonstrations in the streets of the city and in front of hospitals.

And now it looks like people are entering Oshawa restaurants in an attempt to protest.

“We have worked amazingly as a very large group and our leadership has been very helpful,” a protester said in a tweet. “We held on… closed a few Timmies… had two freedom / anti-segregation sit-ins and we gained new supporters.”

The protester, People’s Party of Canada candidate Darryl Mackie, compared his plight to that of the black civil rights movement in the United States.

“It’s our Rosa Parks moment”, Mackie says in the video sitting without a mask in the Oshawa Tim Hortons.

“I choose to sit in the restaurant against the segregation in society that is happening,” he says.

He says staff members asked for his immunization status and he refused to give it.

“Why would I give personal health information to a random stranger?” “

The comparison to Rosa Parks, a civil rights activist who refused to give up her seat to a white passenger on a separate bus in Montgomery, Alabama, offended many.

“You are not Rosa Parks and this is not segregation”, one person wrote. “Black people couldn’t just get a free vaccine available to everyone that would give them equal rights. And comparing the two situations is not only ignorant, it is offensive to just about everyone.”

“It’s not segregation. You made a choice”, one person commented.

“It’s funny how you equate privileges with human rights, it’s almost like you have no idea what you’re doing”, another wrote.

Tim Hortons did not respond to a request for comment, but it appears he finally called the police.

Durham Police later arrested Mackie at Tim Hortons on Thornton Road and charged him with trespassing and not leaving the scene.


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