Everything Wildcats fans need to know about the Duke Blue Devils


Now tied at 1-1 this season, the Northwestern Wildcats look to continue their trend in a positive direction as they take on their Power 5 opponent Duke this Saturday, September 18 at 3 p.m. CT at the Blue Devils’ Wallace Wade Stadium. . But, before that, we did the pre-game research for you, and here’s everything you need to know about the Duke Blue Devils.

Where is Duke University, exactly?

Duke University is located in Durham, North Carolina (sometimes better known as Bull City). As part of the Research Triangle, Durham is only a short drive down Tobacco Road from other rivals ACC, North Carolina State and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

When was Duke founded?

Although Duke is a nationally recognized and renowned institution, especially in the sports world thanks to Coach K and the Duke men’s basketball program, it was actually only known as Duke University until 1924, nearly a hundred years later than its origin in preparatory school. In fact, the university underwent several changes in both location and name before moving to Duke University in the early part of the 20th century to honor a major supplier for the school’s move to Durham, the magnate of Washington Duke tobacco (who in recent years has been linked to white supremacist circles). For all this information and more, do not hesitate to consult this link of the Duke Library.

How big is the university?

The Durham campus is currently home to approximately 17,000 students (undergraduate, graduate and doctoral) and includes approximately 8,600 acres of land.

Where did all this “Blue Devil” stuff come from?

According to the Duke Athletics website, before the university was known as Duke (at this point it was called Trinity College), the mascot or team names rotated between “Trinity Elevens”. “, the Blue and White or the” Methodists “to directly oppose the nearby enemies, the” Baptists “of Wake Forest. The decision to have sports teams using the “Blue Devils” mascot was actually made by college newspaper editor William H. Lander and editor Mike Bradshaw. This mascot was chosen in honor of the French soldiers known as Chasseurs Alpins, also nicknamed “Les Diables Bleus”, because this class of 1923 was the first class of the post-war first year.

How is the stadium?

Wallace Wade Stadium, named after former head coach Wallace Wade in 1967, was built in 1929 and, thanks to more recent upgrades, it can hold a capacity of 40,004 spectators. While there was a track around the field, renovations in 2014 removed this feature and lowered the turf playing surface by five feet.

What’s the story with Duke Football?

Overall, the Duke football program has won 17 conference championships in total (7 ACC; 10 Southern), 53 All-Americans, 10 ACC Player of the Year and 3 Pro Football Hall of Famers with the team at at some point.

Considering that Duke is a legendary college for its many sporting victories, it should be an interesting clash for the ‘Cats this weekend as they head straight for the Blue Devil Den that is Durham.


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