Durham Cathedral, Cheese and Danger Mouse: Your 11 Weekend Quiz Questions


The answers are below the 11 questions, but there is no cheating spirit. Good luck.

1. Which country topped the 2022 Commonwealth Games medal table?

What do you know?

2. What is the current cost of a UK first class stamp?

3. Who was Bishop of Durham between 2011 and 2013?

4. Who Were the Two Little-Remembered Romantic Comedy Stars of 1983 two of a kind? They starred in a much more famous 1978 movie?

5. Which Archbishop of Canterbury conducted Richard III’s funeral?

6. Which 1962 song includes the lyrics: “He thought we should take all the handles off; And the things that held the candles; But it didn’t help, well I never thought it would’?

seven. The foundations of the greatest monument in the North East, Durham Cathedral, were first laid in which century?

8. Who starred in the 2009 comedy series Régie Perrin?

9. Which superhero movie was the highest grossing worldwide in 2021?

ten. Made in Italy, what is the most popular cheese in the world?

11. Who is Danger Mouse’s assistant and best friend?

1. Australia 2. 95p (second class is 68p) 3. Justin Welby 4. John Travolta and Olivia Newton John 5. Justin Welby (Leicester Cathedral in 2015) 6. Right Said Fred (by Bernard Cribbins) seven. 11th (1093) 8. Martin Clunes 9. Spider-Man: No Coming Home (with Tom Holland) ten. Mozzarella 11. Penfold


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